Were We All Aware That Samantha Jones Is the American President in a Swedish Crime Thriller?

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Because I was not. Now it makes even more sense that Kim Cattrall has zero interest in starring in a third Sex and the City movie—she’s moved on to starring in a Swedish crime thriller.


Did you hear that? Swedish. Crime. Thriller.

Specifically, she stars in the second season of the show Modus, a series based on writer Anne Holt’s bestselling series about a criminal psychologist named Inger Johanne Vik. Cattrall has joined the second season to play Helen Tyler, the President of the United States. Tyler gets kidnapped on a trip to Stockholm (typical Samantha behavior, of course) and must be saved by Vik.

As far as I can tell, Cattrall unfortunately does not speak Swedish in this show. She is the President, after all.

While reading Season 2 reviews of Modus written when the show was streamed in other countries, I learned that Cattrall reportedly plays a good President (“She’s got the kind of screen presence that immediately makes her convincing as the most important person in every room she walks into”), and that characters on the show also think she’s a hot President (“President Helen Tyler is traveling with her 17-year-old daughter. ‘There’s little doubt that these two stunning women will cause a stir over the coming days,’ says the male newsreader.”)

Okay, but does she wear statement necklaces? And what are her thoughts on Carrie’s latest column?

The season starts streaming on Walter Presents on December 6 and will probably, eventually, be available to watch through PBS Masterpiece on Amazon.

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