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We're Losing Our Shit Over This Veronica Mars Trailer

Here's the newest trailer/featurette for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie and, hooooo boy, is it ever steamy!


In it, the stars and creators of the show-cum-film ponder this incredibly important question: Team Logan or Team Piz? The OBVIOUS answer is Team Logan — he and Veronica have sexual chemistry for days and to quote Ryan Hansen (a.k.a Dick Casablancas), "Oh, Logan. He's such a heartthrob, I love him. He's like a bad boy, he's like auuugghghggh."

Well said, Dick. Well said.

Look, Piz seems nice and — as I've argued before — he's actually a way better boyfriend once we get down to brass tacks, but come on. This contest was over the minute Logan said, "I need your help, Veronica."


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Little Time Bomb

I hate myself for it, but team Logan forever. It speaks to the amazing nature of this show that I root for the guy behind bum fights.