We're Inspired by This Woman Who Went Through a Baggage X-Ray in Order to Hang on to Her Purse

Screengrab via Pear Video.
Screengrab via Pear Video.

Traveling is stressful, especially since you now have to choose between being irradiated and having a stranger brush your taint with the back of their gloved hand in order to enter an airport. One way to make it much, much worse, however, is to insist on going through a terrifying bag-tube on a conveyor belt because you refuse to be separated from your precious personal items.


The BBC reports that a woman at the Dongguan Railway Station was extremely determined to protect her baggage from theft—so determined,in fact, that she insisted on passing through the x-ray monitors during a hectic commuter rampage on Sunday. In the woman’s defense, she first placed her larger baggage on the belt, then tried to pass through the security scanner holding her handbag, but was blocked. This was the obvious and only alternative.

It’s unclear what was inside the handbag that made it so precious, but Chinese New Year is approaching and people sometimes carry large amounts of cash home for the holidays. Though this was likely a dangerous and desperate moment, I can’t help but feel admiration for her commitment, focus, and sheer grit. Also feeling some confusion as to how this was allowed to happen at all, but maybe security personnel let her do it for the ‘Gram. Worth it, maybe, because these pictures are amazing.

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Having had shit (costume jewelry, but it was VINTAGE goddamnit) straight up stolen out of my tray/bag in security before, I respect her game.

I know it was the TSA because I watched that shit go through to the x-ray and I was right there waiting when it came out. Somebody must have gotten their sticky fingers on it in the 5 minutes where I was x-rayed, my bun felt up for hair pins, and my taint brushed.