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We're Getting a Sequel to The L Word

Image via Showtime.
Image via Showtime.

Sometimes the world does give gifts.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Showtime is developing a sequel to its hit drama about friends and family living in a tight-knit community in Los Angeles, The L Word. Most of the characters are lesbians, which is relevant because the network is looking for “a new writer/EP with ties to the lesbian community,” and also the L stands for Lesbian. So, be a lesbian or know a lesbian or do not apply!


Series creator Ilene Chaiken says she’s excited about the possibilities ahead, because there has, disappointingly, been no real follow-up in terms of television’s portrayal of gay women:

“We talk about it all the time,” Chaiken told EW about the series returning. “When we went off the air in 2009, I think a lot of people thought, Okay, the baton is passed now, and there will be lots of shows that portray lesbian life. There’s really nothing. It feels like maybe it should come back.”


I am currently trying to remember more about the show’s original 2004-2009 run by chanting “Shane Shane Shane.” EW sources say that Katherine Moennig will be returning, as well as Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey, all serving as executive producers too.

There will also be a whole new set of girls for us to fall in love with, and perhaps they’ll tie up some of the many, many loose ends the show loved to leave dangling every season. Will Carmen ever return, still wearing her dress like a gay Miss Havisham? Did Alice kill Jenny and does anyone actually care about that? Did Bette make it to New York? Everyone comes here eventually, Bette. That’s a spinoff I’d watch.

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Rachel Vorona Cote

Katherine Moennig. Returning.

I don’t need this emotional complication in my life right now, but I also can’t say I’m at all sorry.