In the most recent issue of Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence discusses the nude photos of her that were stolen and put online, saying that the leak "is not a scandal. It is a sex crime" and that those who viewed the images without her permission "should cower with shame." Well, talk show host Wendy Williams would like the actress to know that she looked at the photos, is not ashamed and that she really wishes that Lawrence — who has only talked about the leak in the one interview — would just shut up about it already.

"It's not your choice, it's in the cloud, and I've looked several times," Williams said in front of her audience, addressing a not-present Lawrence. "So I guess I'm disgusting for looking?"


(Short answer: Yes. Yes, you are.)

"Jennifer Lawrence, you know what? Don't sweat this, young lady," the host continued. "I mean, you're the one who took the pictures...You don't look bad under your clothes, and I think the [hacking] has actually made your career even hotter."

That is some anti-woman shit right there.

Meanwhile, when Lawrence's ex boyfriend Tony Stonem Nicholas Hoult was asked about the leak, he responded, "It's shocking that things like that happen in the world. It's a shame."


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