Wendy Williams Flashes Wedding Ring in Defense Of Her Husband: 'I Stand By My Guy'

“It’s weird doing Hot Topics and being a hot topic,” Wendy Williams said at the beginning of her talk show’s iconic opening segment Tuesday morning. But viewers who were expecting a revealing discussion of rumors that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been “living a double life” by cheating on her with a woman named Sharina Hudson were sorely disappointed.


Williams characterized the gossip, first reported by the Daily Mail, as “some kind of weird story going around” and said she, a “straight shooter,” would address it head on. But she didn’t, really. She just said, “You can believe what you want,” paused, and held up her enormous wedding ring before cocking her head and nodding. As the audience applauded the gesture, she added:

“I stand by my guy. All is well in Hunterville. Don’t believe the hype. And if there was hype, believe me, I would let you know. And by the way, I’ll be following this story. So I guess I’ll have to watch to find out what happens.”

Once again, this was a dodge, not a denial. And I’m not putting my Wendy show mug down until she addresses that mailbox.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man


Cherith Cutestory

They probably have some kind of arrangement that works for them. He’s being way too flagrant for her to gave no idea. His name is on the fucking mailbox! Nine miles from her house!

But she knows she’d viciously tear the scenario apart if it was anyone else with an arrangement. So she can’t ever say that.