Welp, Looks Like Blac Chyna's Texas Arrest Was Also for Ecstasy Possession

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Details from Blac Chyna’s Austin airport arrest have been released and—boy howdy!—is this woman the gift that keeps on giving!


According to documents obtained by US Weekly, Blac (real name Angela Renee White) was taken into police custody after she was booted from a British Airways flight and retreated to an airport bar where she demanded to be served.

“White’s behavior was unpredictable, going from extremely angry, cursing at everyone then to crying,” reads the affidavit. “White was being verbally aggressive to the bartender at Saxon Pub whom she claimed would not serve her the amount of alcohol that she requested.”

She then had to be forcibly removed by two officers and OH, MY GOD:

“White demanded that I tie her shoes [JEZEBEL AUTHOR’S NOTE: THEY WERE YEEZYS] before she walked to my patrol car,” the officer noted. “White was not cooperative and may have left the airport on her own occurrence and may have been a danger to herself and/or harmed another.”

In addition to arrested Blac Chyna for drunk and disorderly conduct, police also found two tablets of ecstasy in her purse and charged her with third degree felony possession. Her bail was set at $8,000, which her prince Rob Kardashian immediately posted.

My greasy-locked, baby boy Harry Styles had a birthday today, which he celebrated by splitting from his management agency and dropping this huge fuckin’ bombshell to Twitter:


Azealia Banks has been offered a plea deal after biting the boob of a security guard who denied her entry into a Manhattan club back in December. Prosecutors are willing to take jail time off the table if Banks pleas guilty to misdemeanor assault and takes anger management classes. According to Page Six, the courtroom was not without dramatics:

Banks, 24, kept snapping photos with her phone in the courtroom and was chastised by a court officer.


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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

So she made it to the gate with her drugs? Good job, TSA.