Well Scheiße, a Former Fox News Contributor Is Our New Ambassador to Germany

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What is she thinking?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Former Fox News contributor Richard Grenell was confirmed as the new ambassador to Germany. Grenell is the first openly gay appointee in the Trump administration. The Senate’s confirmation vote was initially scheduled for earlier this week but pushed back after Democrats expressed concern over Grenell’s history of sexist statements for which he apologized during his hearing, describing them as “attempts at humor gone wrong.” [The Guardian]
  • The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo as the new Secretary of State. [Axios]
  • Here are some pictures of Pompeo’s meeting with Kim Jong Un. [NBC News]
  • Scott Pruitt is still in trouble. [Washington Post]
  • After allegations that he created a hostile work environment and drunkenly wrecked a government-owned car, Ronny Jackson, Trump’s nominee for Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affair, withdrew his nomination. [Politico]
  • In more goodbyes, after six months on the job, Bryan Rich, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs has resigned. [Huffington Post]
  • One more goodbye: Paul Ryan forced House Chaplain Patrick Conroy to resign after the Jesuit priest delivered a prayer supposedly “critical” of the House tax bill. [The Hill]
  • The Administration for Children and Families is expected to tell Congress that they have lost nearly 1,500 refugee children the agency placed with sponsors across the United States. The missing children all arrived at the border as unaccompanied minors fleeing violent situations in their native countries. [New York Times]
  • For the sake of journalism, Anna Merlan and I once sat through an empty Women for Trump event featuring pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk who testified today before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on Facebook. It brought back a lot of memories. [Washington Post]

Here are some tweets the President was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag.



I dunno if it’s made the news outside the UK, but we’re having one of our distressingly frequent of late battles between a hospital and the parents over the best way to care for a terminally ill child.

Alfie Evans has a degenerative brain disease and has been taken off life support following lengthy court battle. The case has attracted the attention of various “pro-life” groups, including the Pope.

The situation escalated to the point where staff have been threatened and people were allegedly chanting “Burn it down” outside the hospital (which is a specialist paediatric hospital - so full of sick children) and some dodgy ideologues were advising the child’s father to have the doctors charged with conspiracy to murder.

Anyway, I mention it because the usual American suspects have decided to weigh in:


Worst take of the whole fiasco has to be from Joe Walsh:

“Why does an American need an AR-15?’ To make sure what’s happening to #AlfieEvans never happens here. That’s why.”