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Well, It's Supposed To Inspire Girls: Barbie's Clothing Bill

Illustration for article titled Well, Its emSupposed/em To Inspire Girls: Barbies Clothing Bill

The Christian Louboutin Barbie has already sold out on Net-a-Porter, despite a $150 price tag. But when you consider the real-life price of Barbie's new wardrobe? That starts to look really reasonable! Read on for the breakdown:

The catsuit is hard to price, simply because Rihanna and other stars who've been slinking around a la Halle had theirs made to measure and the prices are somewhere in the vague "superstar" stratosphere that also, paradoxically, sometimes involves discounts. To get an idea, when Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins had a similar catsuit made, it cost approximately £20,000 (about $35K a few months ago) which sounds like a good starting point.


As to the shoes. She comes armed with four specific styles. If Barbie's cheaping out and buying off the rack, they'll be a mere few grand. But given her unique arches, we're guessing she had to go custom, for which the five-week foot-cast alone costs $3,400. Here's her starter shoe wardrobe:

The Differa Sandal: $1,495

Miss Ankle Boot: $1,075

Claudia Shoe: $835.00

Altameche Boot: $1,995.00

The grand total? $43, 800

And that's before podiatrist's bills! Not to mention a lifestyle that allows for showing them off - unless, that is, Barbie likes to just sit and stroke them, Imelda Marcos-style, while listening to Maria Callas. Which, frankly, would make us like her more. But hey, it's her money!

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Meow, mommy like. I will never ever ever outgrow my love of all things Barbie. This is different too and edgy in a cheesy commercial way. Win-win!