Oh, dear, this is just too much: Some photographer plunked a costume-clad Benedict Cumberbatch into a pond, thereby recreating the beloved swimming Mr. Darcy scene from the BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Somebody better check on Tumblr.

Not that you give a flip why we've been treated to such a sight, but the photo is actually meant to promote a charity initiative by Cancer Research UK. According to the Independent:

The portrait of Cumberbatch is just one of a series of images captured by world famous photographer Jason Bell in support of the Give Up Clothes for Good campaign.

The initiative invites people to donate their unwanted clothing and quality homeware to TK Maxx stores across the country. It is then sold in Cancer Research charity shops to raise life-saving funds, particularly for children suffering from the disease.


Other celebrity participants include Kate Winslet and Downton's Hugh Bonneville. Here's the full shot; do try not to bust a gut.