Before you drift off to sleep one final treat: a dog bed that costs $1,000. No, not your bed, and not a large pillow you place on the floor. This is something else entirely.

Bloomberg published an article on Tuesday headlined ā€œThe One Time You can Justify Spending $1,045 on a Dog Bed,ā€ which is just begging me to mock it. Yes, itā€™s part of a feature called ā€œThe One,ā€ no that doesnā€™t make it any less absurd, not to me at least.

Bloomberg recommends the MiaCara Letto dayBed, which is soft, washable, features a reversible matters and side panels that ā€œresemble the curled edges of a leaf, giving pets a gentle ease of security.ā€ Might this dog bed company have invented...the couch. As the ad photo on the brandā€™s website indicates, this is a bed for the seriously disillusioned dog with a high, noble collar.

But all, I, the consumer of dog beds, really care about is that the product has a ā€œā€˜dog-centered design.ā€ Ding ding ding! Anyway, itā€™s either that dog sleeper or approximately 41 wrist watches. I think we can put this dog blog to bed now.