Welcome to Jezebel's Senior Week

Image via screengrab, badge by Jim Cooke
Image via screengrab, badge by Jim Cooke

This week marks Gawker Media’s final few days as an independently owned media company. Next week Jezebel, along with the other sites in this fine network, will be sold at auction; after that, we’ll continue to publish under a new owner. The sale shouldn’t affect you much one way or the other as a reader, but we’re still going to take advantage of the situation to rock the boat and make a mess. It’ll be fun.


We’re celebrating this company’s 14 years of excellent internet content with some old friends, some bad (or at least rude) opinions, and possibly a lot of blogs about the classic 1997 film Titanic. If you have any other specific requests or dares for how we should spend our days, please drop us a line. Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Jezebel.

Editor-in-chief, Jezebel


BenjaminSmuttins SAY RESIST.

Ungraying the poor people stuck in the grays who are not meany-pants, and occasionally post a silly comment.....asking for a friend....