Photo: Getty (this is a picture of a hotel in France)

I always thought the draw of online shopping was that you do it recumbent and alone, marinating in your secret shame.

Apparently I have a thing or two to learn from gender-neutral fashion label NINOBrand, which, as The Cut reports, announced recently that it will be offering concierge service for hotel guests beginning in October.

Using this luxury service entails: 1. booking a hotel room at the Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia and 2. calling up a living breathing person, one employed as a concierge, whom you might encounter in the lobby later or maybe the hallway, and asking them to fetch you hundreds of dollars worth of plain gray tops. But no bottoms, pleaseā€”this is, after all, a vacation.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the five items in the collection are less expensive than the designerā€™s normal line and range from $75 (the tee shirt) to $550 (for a coat).

The promotional video for the collection makes many tempting claims. The word ā€œcleanā€ comes up sometimes, and so does ā€œweather protective.ā€ They donā€™t use draping, but they do use ā€œfabrics that are technical.ā€


Please take care when packing for a trip, folks! It will lessen the odds of you answering the door to your suite with a high-thread-count pillow case pulled over your head.