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Weinstein Company Files for Bankruptcy, Nullifies All Nondisclosure Agreements

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The Weinstein Company—which, prior to October of last year, reigned as one of the most powerful mini-major studios in Hollywood—has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More importantly, however, is that it has also ended all nondisclosure agreements that previously prevented victims of its namesake, Harvey Weinstein, from coming forward.


According to NPR, the Weinstein Co. will enter into an agreement with Lantern Capital Partners along with the bankruptcy proceedings, though the real meat of the statement lies in its second and third paragraphs:

“Today, the Company also takes an important step toward justice for any victims who have been silenced by Harvey Weinstein. Since October, it has been reported that Harvey Weinstein used non-disclosure agreements as a secret weapon to silence his accusers.

Effective immediately, those “agreements” end. The Company expressly releases any confidentiality provision to the extent it has prevented individuals who suffered or witnessed any form of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein from telling their stories. No one should be afraid to speak out or coerced to stay quiet. The Company thanks the courageous individuals who have already come forward. Your voices have inspired a movement for change across the country and around the world.”


Earlier this month, the company tried a Hail Mary in the form of a last-minute sale to investor group Burkle and Contreras-Sweet, which would have revived it as an entirely woman-run enterprise. But the $500 million deal fell apart within days, making bankruptcy a foregone conclusion. Did you hear that splash? That was the sound of the world’s smallest violin being tossed into the river by its disgusted owner.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is shining its manacles in preparation for the arrest of Harvey Weinstein. Any minute now!

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It’s a sad commentary on the state of the world currently that I’m actually super shocked that everyone is being released from their NDAs. I mean, it’s totally the right thing to do, but who the heck does the right thing anymore?

I have a feeling we’re in for years of revelations as more and more people decide to start talking.