Weiner Themed Hot Dogs Now Available For Your Consumption

Know what's funny? The fact that a guy named Weiner is in trouble because of something that may or may not be his weiner. And by weiner, I mean penis!

A Brooklyn eatery has caught Weiner Fever and is selling tube steaks named after the bulgy Congressman. Reports Gothamist,

The Park Slope eatery proclaims it offers "traditional Austrian experience with a Brooklyn attitude," with "a menu of artisinal Austrian style sausages, craft beers and schnapps." Co-owner Alex Darsey told the News, "We talked about serving the special on a bed of underwear, but we didn't know what the reaction would be to that. The joke kind of told itself."


I can't say with complete certainty whether or not I would eat this. I will have to launch an investigation.

Eat Weiners Inspired By Weiner in Park Slope [Gothamist]

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Aren't all hot dogs weiner-themed?