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Weepy, Maybe-Pregnant Kate Major Alleges Coked-Up Michael Lohan Raped Her

When a guy has been doing cocaine "all night" and then throws a remote at a woman's head, handcuffs her to a bed and "forcefully" has sex with her, that's rape, right? As far as trainwreckery goes, Kate Major — former Star magazine reporter, former girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, and current ex of Michael Lohan — really brought it today on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers. She described "forceful sex" that sounds like rape, as well as drug use, verbal and physical abuse. Is she a fame-hungry limelight-seeking attention-obsessed delusional person? Probably! But rape is rape. And it's super sad to see anyone in a violent relationship.

Oh, and she might be pregnant with Lindsay Lohan's half-sister.

But wait! There's more: Kate Major was arrested today at LAX, after she was denied boarding because she was intoxicated.


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At this point, Dr. Drew is like a human tabloid. She says he hid her BC and he immediately cuts in to say, "KATE, Kate. Are you saying you might be pregnant?" Next he's going to be using phrases like, "bump alert!" and asking if guests are pregnant when they touch their stomachs.