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Weekend Roundup

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Dear readers, thank you for spending another Sunday with my cranky ass. Let's revisit all that we've learned this weekend, shall we?


We pondered whether or not foudant can be racist. We learned about the "flexisexual," this totally new thing invented by a newspaper. We weighed the politeness of ridiculing Christmas, and we reflected on enjoying our physical strength. Now, let's put aside our differences and Kum Bah Ya our way into another evening.


As always, be chill with each other. Here's a song to get you started-

Image via Cute Overload

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Bf and I are going to Chicago this weekend. Suggestions for places to visit? I have been there before, but never around the holidays.

We are staying with a friend at Northwestern Friday night and plan to spend Saturday walking around and being touristy downtown. Saturday night will be spent with a friend who lives near Wrigley Field.