Wednesday Is Breakup Day For Politicians And Their Spawn

Man, who isn't getting dumped this week? Levi Johnston's reportedly got some good company in Charles Freeman, the teacher's unions, the card check bill and Obama's budget.

Star Magazine is reporting that Bristol Palin has dumped Levi Johnston's sorry ass because his family is trashy and her mom is overbearing, which nobody saw coming. The Obama Administration and Charles Freeman, their nominee to head the National Intelligence Council, have also parted ways after a successful lobbying campaign to oust him by conservative Israeli lobbying groups. He's not really happy about it, but it does kind of prove his point about the disproportionate power that the lobbying interests for a foreign government have on American soil. Meanwhile, the teachers unions are trying to pretend that Obama isn't creating some emotional distance between them by talking about merit pay because, apparently, if you pretend that it's not inevitable, it won't hurt as much. But just like the unions' card check bill, which is rapidly losing the commitment of its followers now that it might really become a law, you can't ignore the reality of the end of a relationship anymore than Obama can ignore the fact that his budget might be DOA, earmark reform or no earmark reform.


Meghan McCain, however, is continuing to prove that she's one of the few Republicans with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the likes of Ann Coulter while her compatriots in political arms are already talking about ousting Michael Steele in April, letting George "Macaca" Allen run for statewide office in Virginia again and rolling out dozens of old faces for the 2010 midterms as part of their commitment to being the new Republican party. That shit's almost as crazy as letting a bank the U.S. government had to bail out to the tune of billions of dollars consult on remaking the Iraqi banking sector.

But Tim Geithner is promising a new capitalism, we're getting a new drug czar but he's not getting a Cabinet ranking and the Minnesota Senatorial race might actually be resolved before 2010. Just kidding, Minnesota's only going to have one Senator from now on because everyone's seen Al Franken in a gold lamé Speedo and no one wants that in Congress. (That's what the pages are for.)

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