Web Coders Wanted, Non-Nudists Need Not Apply

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The internet has allowed more people to telecommute, and thus work in an entirely pants-optional environment. However, those who work in offices are usually expected to remain clothed at all times. The Nude-House.com hopes to change all that. The company, which sells website software, has a nudist-only office in London, and they're looking for web-coders — but will only hire "girls" for this particular job:

"We need a number of nude web coders to work on preliminary web pages for customers using the toolkit of facilities we provide them. The work is totally dependant [sic] on the customers having a need but you never meet the customers and they will not not know you are nude. We will pay you £1,500 each month for 5 full days per week. You should be a practising nudist.

I need your cv (resume) and an idea of what experience you already have of nudism and your experience in sales."


We're a little rusty — what's the proper format for listing nudism experience on a resume?

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The "only girls" part did very little to make this seem legit.