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Wear Boxer Briefs, If You Want

Me, proud and comfortable
Me, proud and comfortable
Image: Getty/Sam Woolley GMG

There are two major problems with summer, as I see it: 1. Too hot for clothes 2. And yet we must? A skirt or dress can be a nice solution, as they don’t hang too heavy and look real cute, but can also come with a problem of their own: ass hanging out. There is nothing inherently wrong with an ass hanging out, but it’s not great for sitting on the subway, walking up stairs in public places, or riding your bike. (In my opinion, for me.)


Some people wear bike shorts for this reason, adding a layer of clothing to their bodies when they should be doing the opposite. For years, I was one of these people; wearing bike shorts and suffering.

Then I broke up with a man who wore boxer briefs and who, after I did this, left my apartment in a relatively dramatic fashion and never returned to pick up his belongings. Including....... four pairs of boxer briefs. I am not an overly sentimental person, and don’t really believe in cursed objects, so I started wearing them around the apartment while working out or vacuuming. Then it occurred to me: I can wear these under skirts and dresses, as a single undergarment, and in place of bike shorts. Now I bike in them, I walk defiantly up subway stairs in them, and, because of them, no longer feel anxious about a gust of summer wind lifting my hem. I could run from a murderer at full speed without fear of exposing myself, and so could you, if you choose to wear boxer briefs. Boxer briefs. Boxer briefs! I have never looked back.

Senior editor, Jezebel

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My ex-BF wore (wears? I mean, he didn’t vaporize) briefs and sometimes he would really have to inspect the underwear he picked off the floor before putting it on in the morning to make sure it wasn’t mine.

Moral of the story: more men should wear briefs.  Ex-Bf looked (looks) fiiiiiinnnee with his bootie and long legs.  I’m not talking about tightie whities.  A nice black brief *kisses fingers*  The dude I’m seeing now wears boxer briefs and I’m like, “Why are you wearing bicycle shorts to bed?”