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Weakling Justin Bieber Apologizes to Perceived Strong Man Tom Cruise

We may earn a commission from links on this page.


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I was genuinely looking forward to the upcoming Bi-Coastal Cult Smackdown between Scientology representative Tom Cruise and Hillsong spokesperson Justin Bieber. Sadly, however, the latter has officially retracted the offer of a death match against the Florida-based Top Gun actor, telling TMZ:

“Nah, I was just playing. The story is that [...] it wasn just on my mind It was just a random tweet, I do that sometimes. But, I’m pretty sure Tom would...I think he would...he would probably whoop my ass. [...] I’d have to get into shape...Yeah, I’m really skinny right now. I think he’d probably be out of my weight class. He’s big, you know? He’s got that dad strength. He’s a dad right?”


Despite the definitive stance he takes on Cruise’s “Dad Strength” and weight class, I’m left unsatisfied by the reasoning. Was he handed a letter by Cruise’ alleged network of private detectives? Did he catch a re-run of Leah Remini’s brilliant series, Scientology & The Aftermath? How is Hailey Bieber coping with the blow to her man’s ranking on global Buff Heterosexual Men leaderboard? Questions without answers, challenges lost to the mists of time.

At least he was given a chance to promote an upcoming t-shirt line from the House Of Drew while speaking with TMZ’s paparazzos!



It was recently revealed that Tristan Thompson’s ex, Jordan Craig, alleged “multiple complications” during her pregnancy while he carried on an affair with a “reality television star.” Khloé Kardashian then responded in a series of Instagram stories, claiming:

“My truth is: I met Tristan because HE CHOSE to go on a blind date with me. A mutual friend set us up. After going on some dates, Tristan told me that he had an ex that was pregnant,” she continued. “Obviously, I was reluctant about us continuing to date or start a relationship. He pleaded with me that the relationship was over long before we met. He had me talk with his most inner circle. He showed [me] physical [proof] (correspondence between the two) and had me on calls with his lawyers to prove his point. His best friends, business associates and even his mother told me, him and his ex were broken up before we met.”


It’s absolutely sexist to place the onus of a man cheating on his partner, but this is just one of several recorded instances where Khloé has began a relationship on uncertain terms. Perhaps unknowingly, but we’d lack context if I failed to report it nonetheless. (Lamar Odom recently alleged, in his memoir Darkness to Light, that he began dating Khloé amidst cheating on his secret girlfriend Taraji P. Henson.) I just find it strange that you’d jump through hoops to convince yourself someone isn’t a terrible person before the relationship even starts. If that were the case, do you genuinely believe you’d be jumping through hoops in the first place?

But what saddens me most is the way in which Jordyn Woods was publicly crucified by the Kardashian family for something they’ve all participated in (even if tangentially.) Remember how Blac Chyna first entered their general orbit? Or Kanye West publicly admitting that he was in love (and lusting after) Kim Kardashian while still with Amber Rose? There sure is a lot of black women thrown under the bus in the name of their scumbag partners! Regardless, the latest news concerns depositions given to RadarOnline. In them, Jordan Craig alleges that Tristan Thompson “compensated her with a large fee” as “part of a bribe.” From Us Weekly:

Craig claimed that she accepted the payment to care for the former couple’s 2-year-old son, Prince Thompson. However, reported that Lauzon said Craig brought the dispute to court “to squeeze my client for more money so she could “afford another $16,000 castle” her child. In Thompson’s deposition, he denied Craig’s allegation regarding the reasoning for the payment. “No one ever said about not see or date anyone,” he said. “All I please said is, if you’re a single woman, I wanted to request her not to have random men around my child.”


How many “random women” do you suppose Thompson brought around his children? Do you think he held himself to the same standards he clearly imposed on the mother of his child? Probably not!

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