We Want Your Creepiest Online Dating Stories

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Thanks to sites like OKCupid, Match.com, and eharmony, meeting the perfect partner has never been easier. Meeting creeps has never been easier, either. We want to meet your creeps, dear readers.


While I'm sure plenty of readers have had great experiences with dating online, we don't want to hear about those experiences right now. We also don't want to hear about experiences with potential dates who were well-intentioned, but misguided; we want to hear about your weirdest, creepiest, and most bizarre online dating interactions.

Have you had the unfortunate luck of cybertangling with a guy who turned out to be a premature sexter, like reader "Rachel"? She writes,

Several years ago I joined Match.com. I ended up chatting with and making a date with one guy. We were slated to meet at the Texas Roadhouse. Because of 9 million stupid reasons, I ended up canceling at the last minute. That night I got a text message from him saying "Just got in. Drunk AND horny." I emailed him and told him to go fuck himself, he called and left me this long-winded message about how he was texting that to his buddy and accidentally texted his whole phone book. I told him he was full of shit.

Or, perhaps you've had a run-in like "Laila's"-

Briefly dated an artistic guy I met online who after I broke it off with him (because he was getting super serious and clingy). I continued to peruse his blog for the weeks after we dated, and one day I saw a post with a portrait he'd drawn entitled "LAILA (I hate that I love you)"

Mmm... smells like a freshly baked restraining order.

Or perhaps your online interaction led to a jaw-droppingly bad first date, like "Molly"-

We went to dinner and he told me if I wanted him to pay I better not order anything over ten bucks. Then he spent the rest of the date railing against politics, the government, and talking about how women didn't know their place anymore. After dinner he told me that if I wanted to stay out he would have to spend the night at my place. This was the first date, and I was a live in nanny. I told him no, and he was like fine, you can spend the night at my house. I told him no, and he just got up and left without paying the bill. I had to call my employer to come pick me up.


Can you do better? Let us know in the comments!

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afeversomeday, she once had a star

*rubs hands together*

Okay, so this guy messaged me on OkCupid asking me some questions. I wrote back because he was kinda cute. He asked more questions. I got busy and didn't answer for a few days. This is (copied and pasted) what I found in my inbox:


Feb. 25, 2010 – 8:59pm

What is taking you so long to comment back and answer my questions???Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im so sick of the bullshit on this sight. Its so goddamn hard to connect with anyone on here!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Girls think their pussies are made out of GOLD or some shit. Im a fucking Lawyer!! Did you read my profile???????

Did I mention that my friends now call me "Goldpussy?"