Let's be honest, not everyone has that special someone to make their Valentine's Day so, well, special. So the Jezebel staff and I put our heads together and came up with some alternative V-Day cards for you, our lovely readers. These cards give you the chance to tell that not-so-special someone exactly how you feel, from that one-night-stand that just won't take a hint, to the drunk asshole at the bar that thinks he's God's gift to women. All but one of the cards are blank inside (like our hearts) so you can print/email and personalize them.

So, we invite you to help spread the anti-love this Valentine's day by sharing these with the people who need it the most.

Love always and forever,

Tara and the Jezebel Staff.

For the man in your life who's less than adequate:


For that sweet thang you've been casually hanging out with long enough that eventually you were just like, "eh, I guess I'd be upset if you fucked someone else":

For the dude who sent you unsolicited and unwanted dick pics:


For basically any guy who is just not worth... it:

For the man in your life that just needs to go, immediately:


For the dude at the bar who thinks his unrelenting douchebaggery will somehow get you to go home with him:

For, well, pretty much anyone that deserves a huge FU:


For that all too selfish S.O.:




For your dad:


We love you. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day.

Illustrations by Tara Jacoby

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