We Haven't Even Seen Pitch Perfect 2 Yet, But Pitch Perfect 3 Is a Go

Illustration for article titled We Havent Even Seen iPitch Perfect 2 /iYet, But iPitch Perfect 3/i Is a Go

What do you do when news just...overwhelms you? How do you go on?

Vulture points out that Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman was told by Rebel Wilson this weekend that there will be a third Pitch Perfect movie, and Wilson will be in it. No word on Anna Kendrick or anyone else, but Kendrick has been super into making the last two so unless something goes awry there seems as good a chance as any that she’ll make the third.


In the meantime, here is a clip from PP2 to tide you over. It features some of your favorite ‘90s jams, some of which sound better than others.


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Yesterday was my birthday, but I will accept this as a belated gift.