We Fixed This Bachelorette Poster

Bobby Finger & Madeleine Davies
Image via ABC.

The first promo poster for Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette has finally been revealed by ABC. Lindsay looks phenomenal in her gown (which is obviously the color of rose petals and true love), but there is a notable lack of any clever tagline for the season. When Andi Dorfmann was the Bachelorette, the poster played on a former Bachelor by saying, “She’s looking for the right Juan one.” When Ben Higgens had a poster of his own, he was declared a “perfect ten Ben.” I mean, the list goes on:

Images via ABC.

So why didn’t Lindsay get hers? When discussing ABC’s shameful omission, Jezebel Senior Writer Madeleine Davies suggested an easy fix, and I think ABC should re-issue the posters to match these immediately.

Image via ABC.


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