Well, that's it: Obama just won Ohio, and therefore a second term as President of the United States.


Four years ago, I celebrated President Barack Obama's (Sorry; had to spell out his full title ONE MORE TIME) first victory in North Carolina, where I had been canvassing for a week with some friends from college. We were all staying with an extremely generous family who threw us a massive dance party on Election Night. We cheered and drank and danced and laughed off the hours and hours of work we'd put in to help make the state go Blue, throwing up a life-sized poster cutout of Obama in the air as we chanted his name. I knew the night would be one I'd remember forever.

Tonight feels different: I'm not dancing in the streets or in a swing state, not wildly, blindly hopeful about what the next four years will bring. But make no mistake: I am hopeful. I'm so excited that we're sticking with a president who believes that rape is rape, who mandates that employers cover contraceptive care, who supports legislation that prevents the federal government from denying same-sex couples equal protections. I'm beyond excited about Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, and Claire McCaskill's victories. I'm so thrilled that idiotic rape comments cost the Senate two seats. (Bye, Akin! Bye, Murdock! Fuck you both, forever — it's legitimately what God intended!)

If us ladies voted with our hormones, then our hormones KILLED IT. This is our election. Here's to another four years.


(Yeah, yeah, the Romney campaign hasn't conceded defeat yet. We're still calling it Obama's victory.)