We Carved Pumpkins the Martha Stewart Way and Failed Spectacularly

Growing up the Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living would always make its way to me. As a small, rising goth child, I lived for the insanely detailed, over-the-top DIYs Martha would cook up for readers. Never thought of having a Halloween dinner party? Well, Martha has, and she has the perfect balloon centerpiece for you. Don’t know how to paint intricate skull designs on the top of your Halloween cupcakes? Have no fear, Martha is here.

The Martha Stewart DIYs are always just a little out of reach, always a tad too decadent, for the average Halloween fan and so I never really tried one. Then I learned that Senior Reporter Prachi Gupta had never carved a pumpkin before and I knew it was a perfect time as ever to try. We settled on making a pumpkin serpent, which Prachi mentioned reminded her of The Human Centipede, which devastated me. I think it turned out...not as good as Martha’s!


Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden, Creative Producer: Joon Chung

Hazel Cills is the Pop Culture Reporter at Jezebel. Her writing has been published by outlets including The Los Angeles Times, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, and more.


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