If you're lucky, yesterday (whether you celebrate Christmas or not) was a safe day full of good tidings and great joy. Assuming that it was, I think it's time we take a moment to thank the selfless people who sacrificed their own holidays so that ours could be more comfortable. No, not the police! Not the people who volunteer at soup kitchens or take the time to plow our roads to make for easier travel! I'm talking about the real heroes. I'm talking about the stunning and brave models of J. Crew.

In her latest video for The Cut, Brooklyn comedian Meghan O'Neill returns with her J. Crew Catalogue series that regularly features the willow-y beautiful people of the J. Crew catalogues as they go on adventures, fall in love and never stop looking good. This Christmas, the models had an extra special task: To rescue a band of kidnapped orphans and try to avoid some old and dangerous romantic habits. SO MUCH INTRIGUE.