We Ate Salad the Amy Klobuchar Way

Last week, the New York Times reported that apparently very hungry Senator Amy Klobuchar reprimanded one of her aides for dropping a fork that she was going to use to eat a salad. She then used a comb from her purse as a replacement utensil, before demanding that the aide clean it off when she was finished.

I’m not sure why Senator Klobuchar would not just use her fingers, and I’m certain that she did not wash her comb before using it to chow down on some leafy greens. Hygiene aside, Jezebel decided to investigate just how effective Klobuchar’s method could be. Watch the video for the results.



Everyone SAID it was difficult but it actually looked a LOT more effective than I thought it would be be.

Utensile effectiveness aside, this is not ok. Nothing undoes the F A C T that this was a comb pulled from her purse. It has all of the hair grease and all of the purse germs.

But we all agree that somehow, some way, The Little Mermaid hurt Amy Klobuchar and the trauma manifests itself in these small, twisted ways.