Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure. Speaking of mothers, yesterday an upstart musician of the rap persuasion by the name of Shawn Corey Carter visited the Louvre Museum in Paris with another noteworthy musician who happens to be his wife and the mother to their young, hue-monikered daughter.

As the trio made their way into the world famous museum, they were flanked by their phalanx of security, close advisors and those who do the work the couple never even knew needed doing.

A small contingent of men and women with cameras stood outside the museum to enjoy the view and maybe also find a way to feed themselves that evening.

As the mass of celebrity and utter dopeness moved past him, one of those men with cameras posed a question:


"Who is he?" the Frenchman pondered out loud (he would not be the first).

Shawn Corey Carter frowned, perhaps annoyed by this intrusion into what he hoped would be a simple family outing or perhaps simply taken aback that anyone would question him, this man, Shawn Corey Carter.


"Who are you?" he shot back.

Who are any of us?