Wave, Hello

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Rio de Janiero, May 15: U.S. surfer Carissa Moore competes in the quarterfinal round of the Billabong Rio Pro Women's surfing competition. Moore, who is ranked first in the ASP Women's World Title, advanced to the semifinal round after defeating Courtney Conlogue of the U.S. And there you sit, on your computer, having not yet put on pants. For shame. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)



My first thought upon reading this article was a Spanish joke: "Que dice la orilla a la mar? Hola, ola".* I might have said this out loud to myself and then giggled.

Now I not only have to fear turning into my mother but also my eccentric male professor/boss of an indeterminate age. Too early to start drinking?

*What did the shore say to the sea? Hello, wave.