In 2016, stunt woman and all-around amazing athlete Jessie Graff went viral after she became the first woman to ever complete Stage 1 of America Ninja Warrior. Now she’s the first woman to ever complete Stage 2 in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. the World.

Yahoo News reports that Graff is also, in fact, the first woman to ever compete in USA vs. the World, and she slipped and fell on her very first obstacle, the “Snake Run.” But Team USA Captain Drew Drechsel is apparently an enormous Graff fan and announced he was giving up his spot on Stage 2 so that Graff could take the run. Thank god he did, because she annihilates it in an absolutely insane six minutes of awe-inspiring technique and strength.

Graff only needed to make it past the very first obstacle to tie the lead with Team Europe, but she pushed past to the very end, through the “Double Wedge” obstacle, which only two men have ever successfully crossed. Dreschel got his chance during Stage 3, winning the title for Team USA. The rest of us are winners too, because we got to watch Graff fly through the air as the announcer screams, “She’s a real life Wonder Woman!”