Watching A Man Kiss A Crocodile On The Lips Is As Scary As It Sounds

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It's usually charming when a human forms a deep friendship with a powerful animal like a gorilla or a lion. Even though you're aware of the danger, you can see the emotions they feel for one another, and it's so heart-warming when the giant creature nuzzles their head into their human pal's chest or rests their massive paw in their lap. Yeah, well, this might be the exception to the rule that human-animal bonds are always adorable.


A man in Costa Rica has found his soulmate in the form of a terrifying crocodile he calls Pocho. He swims with him, he holds his "hand," and he even kisses him—on the mouth! If you haven't buried your head under your computer yet, prepare yourself for this mesmerizing video in which the two perform a bizarre type of water ballet that must be seen to be believed. While Pocho seems to be enjoying the attention, it's hard to tell if he feels some sort of emotional connection with his pal or whether he's just waiting for the right moment to bite his loving friend's head clean off.

[Via Buzzfeed]


Holy hell. I lost a friend to a crocodile attack, so this was particularly unsettling. Probably shouldn't have watched it. I'm sorry, but this guy is an idiot. Crocodiles are not dogs.

Still, the one after it is so much worse - that woman is keeping a crocodile as a PET. What happens when it grows up fully? Hell, what happens when it escapes and kills some poor unsuspecting person who doesn't think there's going to be a crocodile loose in the suburbs??? That thing should be forcibly removed from her home.