Watch Viewers Completely Flip Out Over Sunday's Game of Thrones

So, obviously, something terrible happened on Game of Thrones Sunday night. But there's an upside! And that's reaction videos from fans who apparently still haven't gotten used to the fact that George R.R. Martin will always find a way to make you scream and cry. (Spoilers! Obviously.)


Relive that agonizing moment with this two-minute supercut of viewers losing their shit as the Red Viper fell to the Mountain. Then, chase it with this video of a bar full of people reacting to the show. It's straight out of a sports movie, except the home team dies miserably and evil goes unpunished yet again. Martin has at long last united nerds and bros—in SUFFERING. Reminder: This show is not The Hobbit.


The Viper was one of those characters that I didn't initially love as a book reader - he's less cheeky and funny in the books, and we don't get all that sexy sexyness. Whilst reading this scene, I was mainly just grossed out. But the insights we get to his character posthumously (Ssssssaaaaaand snaaaaaaakes!) and the FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC portrayal by Pedro Pascal made him my favourite character. I fell in love with him even as I counted down the episodes to his gruesome demise.

This show has fucked me up in ways the books never did.

Fuck. It's been two days and I can't get that crunch out of my mind. I was more affected by this than the Red Wedding and Ned combined.

And the worst part is I went out for dinner tonight and my friend ordered bruschetta and I looked at it, all mushy and red with little white bits of garlic, and started getting a loop of the headsplosion in my brain like a horrifying mental gif.