Watch Vanessa Hudgens' New Music Video Called, Wait for It, '$$$ex'

Vanessa Hudgens has taken her "Spring Breakers" role to heart, adopting the fluorescent neon tackiness of Harmony Korine's vision and incorporating it into her new music video for her song she performs with L.A.'s "trendy" girl group, YLA. Titled "$$$ex," (in case you didn't know it was 2013), the song pays homage to 90s rave-culture, if not in the song's vibe, by virtue of the crappy video quality.

Hudgens, who co-directed the video, said it's "90s-inspired, gritty, with a vision of crazy lights and colors. It's so different than everything else out there. I love it!"

Already, the video receiving poor reviews, but outside of that shitty dubstep breakdown at the end, I kind of like it. It looks like something my friends and I would have recorded in someone's basement during a sleepover in middle school and edited with every terrible iMovie filter, uploaded to a private Youtube, and stumbled upon in college for a good laugh. Considering the whole thing was actually filmed in the basement of one of Hudgens' friends, maybe it was just a caffeine-fueled sleepover-turned-music video.


[MTV News]

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John Boehner

Basically the only knowledge I had of Vanessa Hudgens prior to 2010 was her work with Disney/nudes/ and the shit with Chris-chan. Mostly the shit with Chris-chan. ALWAYS the shit with Chris-chan.