There are many things I never knew I wanted but now love deeply: The Young Pope, Corona-ritas and now, Sonja Morgan and Tiffany Pollard talking about their vaginas over eggs.

Of course, the more I think about it, of course I wanted this. Tiffany Pollard is an OG reality television queen who benevolently allows the city of New York to continue using her name. Sonja Morgan is your favorite Upper East Side floozy who doesn’t let a bad investment here or there get her down.

On Pollard’s new VH1 web series, Brunch With Tiffany, they have exactly the conversation you hope they will. They discuss Sonja’s infamous vaginal lasering while her friends were all having nervous breakdowns in the Berkshires. Tiffany, we learn, has apparently has suffering the effects of too many kegels—which I did not know was a thing and still am not convinced it is.

I don’t know, guys. This is silly and obviously highly staged, but they both look amazing. They both love doggy style. I’m a fan.