Watch This Puppy Freak Out and Dance When It Sees Its Owner

This puppy freaking out with joy over seeing their own will make your Grinch-y heart grow 50 sizes, just in time for the holidays.


This puppy spotted their beloved human companion and totally lost their shit. When is the last time you were ever this excited about seeing anyone? I saw one of my cool cousins over Thanksgiving and I was pretty excited to see him, but I didn't dance a mini cha-cha and jump up and down like a rabbit. Have they started an all puppy-edition of Dancing with the Stars yet? Dancing with the Dogs could be a huge hit. Call me, Hollywood television executives.

ETA: Superpowermega commenter Vegas En Fuego brings us this version of Excited Puppy Dance video set to music.

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My dogs go nuts when I come home. Totally lose their shit happy. They don't Cha Cha, but it's still really awesome. Especially after a long, awful workday. Reason 983,532 why having a dog is so amazing. Dogs rule.