Watch This Man Theatrically Collapse in Shock Over the Value of His Old Rolex

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Antiques Roadshow is great if you enjoy observing the height of human emotion in the form of said humans learning how much money they can expect to fetch for their old crap. This headbanded fellow, David, was clearly not expecting to hear that his old Rolex, bought in 1974 for a few hundred bucks, would ultimately be worth well over $400,000.

Despite spending about a month’s salary on the watch, David never actually wore it, concluding that “this is really too nice to take down to salty water.” Instead,

For 30 or 40 years, it stayed in a safety deposit box untouched, with the exception of David taking it out “two or three times to look at it” before he brought it into the show.


I understand this feeling, having done the exact same with a pair of light-up LA Gear shoes I got as a child, which I would periodically remove from my closet and wear in front of a mirror before carefully putting them back. I’m sure my mom gave them to Goodwill after a year or two of watching them collect dust. David’s mother, on the other hand, left his watch alone, thus affording him the opportunity to collapse in shock on television. Please visit the 45 second mark to see for yourself.

“You okay?” the appraiser, Peter Planes, asked calmly as David righted himself. I think he’s okay. 

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