Watch This Man Take the Golden Girls Theme to Church

Here are some facts I just made up.

  • 150,000,000 people know all the lyrics to The Golden Girls’ theme song.
  • 75,000,000 people have sung it aloud in the past year.
  • 0 people have sung it as well as this guy.

Roughly four months ago, a man who goes by Finally Aaron uploaded a 15-second video of himself adding backup to “Thank You For Being a Friend.” I saw it everywhere. Friends texted it to me, celebrities reposted it, and I—like many others, I’m sure—found myself revisiting it from time to time, praying for Aaron to release a full version.


Last night he answered my prayers and treated the world to the stunning rendition above. If I had a set of pipes like this man, I would never stop singing. His voice is as powerful as Dorothy’s groan, as earth-shattering as Blanche’s headboard, as impressive as Rose’s ability to find new St. Olaf stories to tell, and as flame-inducing as a burn by Sophia.



Jia Tolentino

this video is the sum total of the things i care about today