I've always thought "pranks" were a somewhat socially acceptable excuse for acting like a titanic asshole, and this video does nothing to dispel that impression. Watch as this guy pretends his girlfriend's beloved cat has fallen from an upper story window, presumably to its death.

Jesse and Jeana are apparently engaged in an "epic prank war," which they chronicle on a popular YouTube channel, Prank vs. Prank. In a previous episode, he fell asleep on a plane trip and she drew a dick on his forehead. That required "some sweet payback," so Jesse decided to play with one of Jeana's greatest fears—that one of her cats would escape through an open window in their high-rise apartment and plunge to its death. "I know this is the meanest prank I ever pulled on you, but all I have to say is payback is a bitch," he explains in the intro.

Those mascara-streaked tears look awfully real. I'd dump this guy so fast it would break the fucking sound barrier. Then again, back in 2012, Jeana pranked him into thinking he'd caught her cheating, so maybe they're just a match made in hell.