Watch This Half-Pup Steal Your Whole Heart

Get ready to end this weekend by violently sobbing into your bowl of nachos (assuming you are enjoying some at the moment.) Say hello to Bonsai, an English Bulldog who has several rare deformities. He was born with only half a spine, no pelvis, tiny hind legs and engorged with fluid, which prohibited mobility of his hind end. In June, Bonsai underwent amputation of both of his hind legs and is thankfully, doing well.

According to Metro UK, Bonsai was taken in by a rescue facility called Friends of Emma after his owners weren’t able to properly care for him. The center, based in Fort Worth, Texas, helps dogs with special needs. They named him Bonsai because he’s “a little tree to be molded and shaped.” I’m a mess right now.

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A fundraiser page for the sweet ball of fur has been set up for his day-to-day care, as Bonsai will continue to require MRIs and other testing. Of course, the pup has his own Facebook page with tons of adorable photos. Goodbye now. My contacts have washed out from my eyes and I cannot type any further.

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Jurassic Porker

Yeah he is cute but this only pisses me off. Nobody should breed dogs if they aren’t in a financial position to care for them. Especially English bulldogs which are WELL KNOWN for being deformed, needing to be delivered by cesarean section, and having an average life expectancy of 6 years. As a rescue worker, I can’t agree with breeding but I will say that this should only be a hobby for the rich.