Watch This Anita Hill Documentary Trailer and Remain Calm, I Dare You

On March 21, Anita, the documentary depicting Anita Hill's struggle while accusing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual abuse in 1991, hits theaters. If you're like me, just watching the trailer will probably piss you off all over again, until you remember that Thomas actually did make it to the Supreme Court bench by playing the race card to cover for his inappropriate behavior — and then you'll really succumb to rage.

Hill was an assistant to Thomas, who made a habit of shit like leaving pubes on his soda cans just so he could ask about it aloud, at the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights and the EEOC. When then President George Bush Sr. nominated Thomas for the Supreme Court, Hill came forward with her claims that he abused her verbally and physically with actions like the aforementioned Coke quip, as well as chats about bestiality and his penis' nickname, among other things. Though Hill was the one who was abused, she was also the one who was vilified during the Senate hearings which were supposed to investigate Thomas' questionable character. Meanwhile, Thomas deftly used the long history of whites subjugating blacks in America to his advantage by accusing Senate members of enacting a "high-tech lynching for uppity blacks" to sidestep his alleged wrong-doing.

Good luck trying not to cut someone after you've finished watching Anita. I already know I'll need a timeout.

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John Boehner

Oh God. I'll be going to see it, but it's going to make me rage. Remember when Thomas' wife drunkdialed Hill a couple years back and told Hill to apologize to Clarence? Wooooo.