Watch the Woman Who Ate Cereal Out of a Bathtub Interview Obama

President Obama opened himself up to interviews with several YouTube stars on Thursday, including a woman who once ate cereal out of a bathtub, and media's old guard is pissssssed.


The lucky trio included a woman named GloZell (the one who once ate cereal from a bathtub—while sitting in it), also Bethany Mota, a California teen with formidable make-up and DIY skills, and a guy named Hank Green, of the VlogBrothers, who teaches people to apologize better.

Together these folks have a combined 13 million YouTube subscribers, all of whom the Obama administration is thirsty to reach, according to CNN, whose reporter Jake Tapper is pretty salty about it all. When White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced the news on Wednesday in a press room, one journalist asked if "David After Dentist" had been unavailable. Sick burn, newsman.


Well, traditional journalism is dead, and anyone can do George Stefanopoulos' job, amirite?

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I mean, Glozell asked good questions that I've heard plenty of Americans asking. Obama gave thoughtful responses. What's the big fucking deal? Hell, this is one of the first times in a minute I've heard the President talking about the issue of race and police.

She asked about hacking, race relations, and Cuba. Those are pretty solid questions.

Also, I lol'ed when she called Michelle his first wife and he immediately made a joke of it. "Do you know somethin' I don't know?"