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Watch The Trailer For Jennifer Love Hewitt's Prostitute TV Movie

Illustration for article titled Watch The Trailer For Jennifer Love Hewitts Prostitute TV Movie

Click for a preview of The Client List, the Lifetime movie Jennifer Love Hewitt calls, "Erin Brockovich in a brothel." Bonus: This promo pic in which Love ponders why she's starring in crappy TV movies, not Lost or Mean Girls. [N.Y.Post, Lifetime]


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Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula

Apparently, it's a true story. I wonder if they address how fucked up it is that a woman could get 2 years in prison for prostitution? For charging other people to have sex with her own damned body? I mean, Jesus, at most it should be a misdemeanor. Save the prisons for pimps who abuse prostitutes. It probably overmoralizes, bringing that brazen hussy to her knees. And in jail, when she is lost, she realizes that she can hear ghosts...