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Watch the Trailer For a New Documentary About Joan Didion

Actor and filmmaker Griffin Dunne is making a movie about his aunt, Joan Didion, called We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live (the title of the film, you'll note, is a Didion quote).


Announced on Vogue, the magazine at which Didion started her career in the '50s, you'll notice that Dunne is featured prominently in the trailer – that's because he's still raising money for the movie via Kickstarter.

"We're making it because – incredibly – no one else has made a documentary about Joan Didion. It's a mystery," Dunne says in the trailer, before labeling her "the most influential American writer alive today.


"People don't know what Joan sounds like. They don't know that a woman so tiny in frame is a lion."

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Yes! Thank you for posting this! I keep refreshing the Kickstarter page, watching the backers go up — hopefully some generous/enthusiastic Jezzies will see this and agree that Joan Didion is a national treasure and that this documentary absolutely needs to be made.

That said, if you haven't read and/or heard of her...start here:…