Watch the Slow Death of a Pop Culture Phenomenon in Psy's New Video 'Gentlemen'

In his ongoing campaign to become the next Lou Bega, South Korean pop star Psy has released a follow-up video to the mega ultra super smash hit, "Gangnam Style." The new video (which has racked up almost 20 million YouTube views in the last 14 hours) is called "Gentleman," and it features Psy being an asshole to a lot of strangers, mostly women. Get it? Because with a title like "Gentlemen," we expect the exact opposite sort of behavior. What's that called, when you indicate and intention or attitude to that which is actually or ostensibly stated? If only there were more liberal arts majors in the world to solved the great riddles of figurative language.


via Cheezburger


This post is officially about K-Pop that DOESN'T suck. Bring out your SNSD, Big Bang, 2NE1...

Careful, it's all addictive as hell.