Watch the New Trailer for Kristen Stewart's Supernatural Thriller Personal Shopper

In director Olivier Assayas’ new film, Kristen Stewart plays a personal shopper (“I’m a personal shopper,” she moodily intones in this latest trailer), whose own styling is, per usual, the most enviable of the entire production. There is something about Kristen Stewart that makes me want to buy a motorcycle and go dumpster diving for J. Crew sweaters. I draw the line at desiring a beanie, no matter how disturbingly, beautifully stressed out she looks in it.

I’ve been excited to see Personal Shopper for a while now, for reasons that go beyond the sartorial, including its polarizing reputation. Early reviews of the film have been emphatically mixed. It was selectively booed at Cannes, while other critics are saying it’s Stewart’s best work yet, and Assayas walked away from the festival with a best director award. Assayas and Stewart also worked together on his stunning 2014 film, which also had Stewart playing an assistant character, The Clouds of Sils Maria.

As the trailer above reiterates, Personal Shopper promises to be a good-looking film about ghosts, celebrity murder, grief, and something intensely fucked up going on inside Kristen Stewart’s character’s head. Now we only have to wait one more month to find out what it is (Personal Shopper’s US release date is March 10).

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

The further we get beyond Twilight, the more I firmly believe Kristen Stewart chose to play Bella as blankly as possible.