Watch the Gilmore Girls Cast Wax Rhapsodic About Why They Love the Show

Gilmore Girls is promoting itself today by opening pop-up “Luke’s Diner” coffee shops, but if you hate coffee as much as Alexis Bledel does in real life (fun fact for fans), you can just watch this featurette to wrap yourself in a blanket of nostalgia/anticipation. Ahh, the sweetest combo.

Did we learn anything about the new series from this? Maybe that Rory is definitely going to have her pick of the three gentlemen she favored before she even left college? This is an unpopular opinion, but I hope Rory has found someone else by now. She is a grown woman, with a decade of experiences under her belt that can’t possible be satisfied by these boys. But I also hope they take their shirts off and get into a fist fight.

It looks like Logan, at least, is overdressed in a tuxedo suit with some kinda steam punk brooch. That’ll be a fun set piece. Just don’t fall for it, Rory.

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Question: If I missed it the first time around, is this a show that is still worth watching for an intelligent adult woman, or do people still talk about it mostly for nostalgia’s sake? I’m in my mid-30s and never watched Gilmore Girls when it was on because my sister was a big fan and her being a fan tended to be a reliable barometer of things-that-suck. Like, she was a big fan of Jewel’s book of poetry back in the day when she was a big Gilmore Girls fan. But unlike most of the shitty things she loved, people still go on and on about Gilmore Girls and I’ve started to consider the possibility I missed out on something by avoiding it. Glad to hear opinions on either side, although I realize readers of an article about how great Gilmore Girls is are likely to skew on the fan-side.