Hey there, “Hiddleswifties.” Gather round and watch the new celebrity couple you worship undulate to Selena Gomez and shout-whisper in each other’s ears.

Both Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are attractive people. Hiddleston is so attractive that I’ve watched Crimson Peak twice (SPOILERS: he is a straight-up wife murderer and does not deserve the compassion that movie gives him, ugh).

But what is it about these two together? Is it like watching a CGI relationship? Here they are at Gomez’s concert in Nashville on Tuesday night, being so normal it ends up being creepy:


If you don’t agree with my analysis, take a look at the now famous original courtship mating dance between the two at the Met Gala. There’s a moment where Hiddleston, glistening with sweat, briefly places his hands on Swift’s hips. And pauses. And then acknowledges the camera.


Hold me closer, tiny robot.

Image via Getty.