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Watch Ryan Gosling Read From The "Hey Girl" Tumblr

Hey, Girl. Can I read straight from Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling without ruining the joke? Maybe!

This is a good couple of weeks for fans of sparkling blue eyes and earnestness. (Seriously! I don't usually go for fair-haired but everyone has their exceptions.) First we heard Gosling give a feminist analysis of why Blue Valentine got an NC-17 rating. Then we saw said NC-17 rating stripped away.


Now we have footage of a guy from MTV and Ryan giggling over printouts from Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling, which imagines a world where you are Ryan Gosling's girl and he loves your sweet potato pie. Jessica is of the opinion that this sort of ruins the joke because of a disconnect between the real Ryan Gosling's tone and the one Fuck Yeah leads you to imagine. (Sprightlier, perhaps? Less exhausted by press junket? [No, more seductive. -Ed.]) You be the judge.


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Does any one else remember him from Breaker High? He's come so far!